Company Profile

Guaranty Title Inc. was founded in 1902 by Cyrus Russell Wetherell and Helen Wetherell. Cyrus Russell WetherellHelen Wetherell

C.R. and Helen came to Mountain Home by rail in 1895. C.R. was a dentist by trade and played the clarinet with the John Philip Sousa Band. Helen, an educator, followed her husband from the Midwest. She taught school in in the Shoshone school district, commuting by rail from Mountain Home. C.R. ran the business until his death in 1939. Helen ran it until their son Robert Miles Wetherell returned home after serving in World War II. Bob Wetherell brought his wife Rose Claire Hart to Mountain Home in 1945. He ran the business until his untimely death in 1966. Claire ran the business until she retired in 1980. Their son, Dennis Hart Wetherell, with his wife Jill, returned to Mountain Home after graduating from Boise State University in 1971, to work in the family business. Guaranty Title and Abstract Company was incorporated in 1978 and changed the name of the business to Guaranty Title Incorporated. Dennis operated the business from 1980 until March, 2002.  Upon his death, Jill took ownership of the business.  Guaranty Title, Inc., has the oldest abstract records in Elmore County--dating back to 1890. The professional staff has over 60 years of experience in the title insurance business and long term escrow collection service.

Guaranty Title, Inc is more than a business providing quality service to its customers ... it's an icon in the historical and cultural development of Elmore County.